There isn‘t any music that can be better than this!

Django, 4 1/2 years old, Port Townsend, WA

My four year old son is still talking about you guys. What more can you say about a band to say how exceptional they are.. Kids dancing, the whole room clapping. We'll be coming to see you guys again soon!

Travis Rambo, Glacier, WA

That made me want to throw a party!

Laura B., Seattle, WA

I didn't know that kind of music could be so much fun!

Charlie on Lopez Island

Skitnik tunes bouncing around in my head for days, and loving it! You guys rock!

Michelle Bates, Seattle, WA

We came for the bike race, but you guys stole the show!

Charlie on Lopez Island

We‘ve never been in danger of sounding like Slayer.

Alex, clarinet

Past shows

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Aug 8-10: Subdued Stringband Jamboree (Sat night)
June 26th: Green Frog w/ OddJob Ensemble
May 25th: Northwest Folklife Festival, Northwest Court
April 27th: Grange Hall, Lopez Island
April 26th: Odd Fellows Hall, Orcas Island
April 25th: Waldron Island
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